Thursday, May 29, 2014

Why Now?

There is often a joke amongst several long time Arsenal supporters, especially those who don't stay in and around North London (or England) for that matter, that a huge majority of supporters of Chelsea and Manchester City would ditch their clubs the minute they stop winning, that is to say, the minute their respective sugar daddies cut of their proverbial supply of sugar. Or for that matter, a lot of Manchester United supporters are only supporters because they know nothing about football, except that they've heard of Manchester United. For a long time, the oft cited 9 years, a lot of starving Arsenal fans (metaphorically starving, you know, trophies yada yada) got by stating that at the very least we're 'proper fans'. You know, sticking by the club through thin and thick, always wondering when glory days would return, when we could fart in Mourinho's scowling face. Well, it kind of did, since we won the FA Cup (except for the last part. You don't need a trophy to fart in Jose's face). 

And after living, breathing, crying, laughing, tearing my hair (from an already receding hairline) on account of Arsenal, I've finally, long at last decided to start my own Arsenal blog. Why you ask? Well, mostly because of narcissism. I like my opinions more than anyone else's (except for these guys: ). That and the fact that I simply got tired of fighting with bums who sound like Piers Morgan. I mean, spending ages writing posts explaining tactics, the word count being equivalent to an actual blog post does get tiring. So here's my humble attempt at writing my own blog. Let's see how this goes.

PS: If you do end up reading this, and want to write as well, please let me know. As long as you're not a complete idiot and/or Michael Owen, you're welcome to contribute.