Sunday, July 13, 2014

World Cup Finals!

Good evening ladies and gents.

It was pointed out to me that despite my apparent promise of writing a short post, the previous one was rather long. This time I can happily promise that it will be a short post since there is literally nothing Arsenal related going on at the moment. The Sanchez news seems to be dying down, and since there's nothing real to report, there are endless rumours being processed with increasing speed. For example, why is Jackson Martinez being linked to us anyway? The bigger question being, who cares?
There's a nice interview that the Mirror posted with Arsene Wenger, and he talks about all things football. It's great to see the manager talk about football with such a neutral perspective , and you can see the great love that he has for the game. He talks about coaching methods, how to deal with young players, even compliments Louis Van Gaal and you really should check it out. 

Coming to the World Cup, it couldn't get any worse for Brazil last night. Despite playing much, much better than what we've seen of them, they still ended up losing 3-0 to that disgusting Dutch team, meaning they finished fourth at home. It's a wonder that the Brazilian supporters haven't rioted yet (and on the basis of the booing in the stadium one could tell that they really wanted to). To take a cricket parallel, it's like India hosting the world cup and finishing fourth in the most humiliating manner ever. There definitely would be riots in that case. Robben of course was at his diving best (as he has been throughout this world cup), and was the main reason for the first two goals: a soft penalty, and what seemed like an offside play. Oscar was carded for simulation when it seemed like he should have gotten a penalty, and by the time Netherlands scored their third goal, the Brazilians were almost begging for the torture to end. You can't help feel bad for the Brazilian players and the supporters, since the latter have really been the heart of this world cup. Then again, conceding 10 goals in two matches is not going to win you jack.

In a few hours the World Cup final is going be played, and while I'm not sure if I'm watching it at home or not, I really am quite excited. Of course I'm going to support Germany. I've been supporting the German national team since 2006 and more importantly, it's got three Arsenal players in the form of Per Mertescker, Mesut Ozil and Lukas Podolski. Argentina have none, and I'm not particularly fond of Messi. He's always seemed to me like that brilliant but whiny kid in school who deserved a kick every so often. Besides, it's really hard to not support a team with Per in it, whether he's playing or not. What I'd really like is that Ozil takes a corner and Mertesacker heads the ball in as the winning goal, and our BFG running around with that expression of glee I saw after we won the FA Cup. That would be something. 

This World Cup has been really good, and in my opinion the most entertaining since the time I started watching the football world cup. There have been so many memorable moments, so many heroes, in general it has been so much fun. I hope the final lives up to the grand world cup that has preceded it. 
I'll maybe cover it tomorrow. 

That's it for today I suppose. I shall take leave with a picture of what I think has been one of the many memorable moments that have taken place thus far.